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When Only Seeing Remains

No inner
No outer
No other
No self



The seeker
never finds
but is found
when only Seeing

Cailean Benjamin


As the hot sun beats down,
The fertile earth embraces the dew.
Ah, the beauty of lightening and water.
How many cups of water are in a pond?
One by one, as one ingredient at a time
in a cake…….makes one cake?
Traveling on this gridded highway,
In the mirror Polaris and Barbelo
Shine their blinding bright lights.
Electric currents in the air
Travel faster than my car.
Ah these sweet sleepy kids,
Some day they’ll wake up.
Until then, enjoy the journey,
Sooner or later all crossroads
Will meet at the same central point.

Barbara L.

Call of the Temple Bell

This morning I found the Beloved
making the chamber of my heart
into His temple bell.
Each ring calls me to the prayer of love.
I rise to dance with joyous surprise in the early light
to welcome the new morning.
open the portals of your heart.
Let His love break down
the walls of doubt and fear.
dance with me in divine freedom
until our joyous laughter takes wing
like a thousand birds rising
into the golden sun.
oh, listen
to the sound of the temple bell.
The Beloved is calling your name.

Renata Santerre

I Dance Before Her

Breathing Grandmother Ocean
I dance before her,
moving closer
then away,
in response to the pattern of her waves.
Water-weavers arch into the sky as
precision flyers sweep a narrow thought above the water.
A gray morning mist adds the final brushstroke of unity
to what is already whole.
These steps I paint upon the sand
speak of life as a pageant
spun within the four directions.
– the song of my drum
accents the rhythm of my feet
that resound the beating heart of only One.

Water becomes sky
in an act of glorification.

Waliya Inayat Perkins


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