Time was you had all of the right puzzle pieces
and arms around shoulders were snuggled in tight
like pictures with siblings and nephews and nieces
the edges lined up and the world was right
the edges were lined up, the world was all right.

Four right-angled corners connected straight edges
you found all the borders and got them in line
like shrubbery trimmed into labyrinth hedges
and life was a picture made to your design
and life was a picture that you had designed.

Someone shook the box up and the pieces all got mixed
Someone shook the box and now the picture can’t be fixed
The image won’t assemble and the colors don’t connect
And life’s an unsolved puzzle with no prize you can collect
And life’s a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces don’t connect.

You don’t have to be what it shows on the cover
You don’t have to live your life inside the frame
The picture’s too narrow to capture your Lover
The picture’s too shallow to contain the Name.

Someone shook the box up and the picture-frame dissolved
Someone shook the box up and the puzzle can’t be solved
You’re looking for an answer that the jigsaw can’t define
You see beyond the puzzle when you look outside the lines
You see outside the puzzle that the jigsaw can define.