If there was in Heaven and Earth, a light besides your flame
It would extinguish itself out of love for you and shame.

If there was a star in heaven more lovely than your eyes
You would see it in thrashing agony, falling from the skies.

If flowers could bloom any fragrance sweeter than your musk
They would rend themselves in frenzy and wither in the dust.

Master, it is not fitting that some refuse you:
Is it proper to deny a king in his domain?
We owe you our life, over and over again.
All owe you the light of guidance, how can it not be true?

If on another’s behalf beside you, guidance was claimed
The fabric of the world would revolt or be maimed.

If your footsteps were not promised to enter Paradise
Eden would wash itself away in the flooding of its eyes.

If a secret was left unknown to you in all the world
Would not the universe die and upon itself be furled?

Master, can we ever hope to love you
With hearts of lead and stone,
With hearts of lead and stone?
How we would worship you if that was not for God alone.

If the gem of your heart possessed the smallest flaw
We should die of envy, instead we give ourselves in awe.
We should die of envy, instead we give ourselves in awe.

Peace and blessings upon you, forever.