If for delight I lived a life
That life I’d live with you
And in taking you as my wife
Would all my woes subdue.

But I am bound to lead a life
Beyond my want and joy
And cannot with Heaven make strife
But this bliss must destroy.

You love me for the selfsame light
That calls me to forsake
The quiet sleep your arms invite
For a life lived awake.

In leaving you I leave to lie
And sleep with solitude,
To never catch again your eye
Nor love the love I wooed.

But if you love this love of mine
Then know our wedding bed
Awaits us with linen fine
In the halls of the dead.

If you can still love me then wait
And know I wait for you
And trust that what we share of fate
Is only shared by few.

Do not think I love you not,
My love is still the same:
Nothing on earth can ever blot
The imprint of your name.

Do not think I abandoned you
But think that I emprise
A pearl-strewn palace to pursue
For us in Paradise.

Now hand my cloak of ragged wool
And make my bed of clay,
Do not now start to tug and pull
But let me now away.

Even without the Law’s decree
We were wed long before,
Yet my love for you asks of me
To love another more.