You can find your way by the light
of the moon or a total stranger

Each tree in the dense forest
is its own kingdom

The map you have in the palm of your
hand is map enough

The light of dawn is a reminder to
keep in the back of your mind

We come this way only once and
must interpret the signs

and that all of the signs have been
sent by the Sign Sender

Who watches over us from birth to
death and Who sees us

That we walk in the Light of that
gaze and become at home in it

We can take a break in the
sequence of things but there is no break

We can’t see to the end of the
road until we’re on it

The stag lowers his antlers and
Paradise shines in the dark

The air hovers within itself and
the night lifts its heavenly slates

The writing everywhere becomes materiality and
the reading of it becomes immateriality again

He Who has sent it all waits for us
to acknowledge His Presence

Our feeble eyes can barely make out
shadows in the dark

When the sun comes up on the other side
all becomes clear

In our heartbeats is the syncopation that
draws us forward and the Braille to read by

In the center where the light is
the mountain shows its height

We’ve come a long way from the beginning
and the end is near

The singing in the air all around us
is what will get us there

And the dawn prayer

4/6/2008 (from The Fire Eater’s Lunchbreak)