The moon beams out across the ocean in a path of perfect radiance
Its white light coring a disk in the sky already bedecked with radiance

Each wave crest reflects that spotlight an infinite number of times
But each one mirrors the whole moon as well if you inspect the radiance

Like rolling palaces filled with light each bright crest sparkles
Yet the moon stays fixed in the sky alone with its correct radiance

It’s the cold moon reflecting the light of the hot sun of Unity
Like a goblet filled with a heady wine as if to inject radiance

Is the sun so far away the moon can’t physically catch its light?
A dead celestial body in space whose surface collects radiance

Prophet Muhammad’s face –- they said -– was like the full moon of Badr
Where in the hearts of the warriors of Truth you could detect radiance

His heart –- peace be upon him –- was marriage of sun and moon together
And though the sun be far off the moon’s close enough to connect radiance

This light of his love bubbles up through the single ocean of our hearts
Born in physical bodies in this life in order to reflect radiance

O what a moon song to be sung out loud here in Turkey’s moon-land
By Ameen –- son of the moon –- may he be shipwrecked in radiance!
(from The Flame of Transformation Turns to Light / 99 Ghazals Written in English