After exhaustion I extend my body out
and feel its majestic span

in the tired muscles and tendons a rush of a
feeling I can only say is majestic somehow

not me majestic exactly though in some states that
also could be said

bridge-girders in the backbone extension-bridge especially in the
spine that great and terrible transmitter throughout the

body that divine telegraph that if crushed or tampered with
shuts the whole body down

to the ends of my toes throughout the pleasurable achiness
from which white cranes took off as I

stretched and browsing water buffalo could be
spotted with vines dripping out their mouths lifting their

massive heads to blink at me from
labor’s marshes

All these flashes as I extend my body for a
moment of rest disembedding themselves in
fragrant imageries floating off into space

but it was a magnificence there in the
flesh and bone I felt that is
not mine and is mine at the same time

a worthy sentient land mass for moonlight to land on
or a body worthy for the sun to make its
royally majestic arc above as it

moves through our daily sky


9/23/2002 (from Through Rose Colored Glasses)