The roar of engines shall not
drown out my ardor
” said the lover to
his beloved both fleshy and metaphysical

The falling of towers both down and up
shall not shake my equilibrium
” said the
serene student of esoterica and plain fact

One door open and one door closed
shall not deter my resolve to reach the
” shouted in complete silence
the devotee facing a wall with only the
hint of a smile

Uphill and downhill are the same to a
gust of wind though shutters shake and
umbrellas break
” sang slightly off key
the mystical meteorologist standing by her
weather map in the darkened studio

Nowhere is where to He Who is everywhere
mentioned in passing the old forgotten
stranger walking slowly off to the left

with his withered hand on his
gnarled cane

into pale green sunlight

5/18/2006 (from In the Realm of Neither)