What is art? In all it’s basic form, what is art?
Art is an esthetic. A pleasure to the senses, the intellect, and the emotions.
Art is manmade. It is a representation of geography, culture, and history.
Art is never ending. It will begin with no use of a performer, and go on with no heed to time.
A divinity of many forms.
Art is sensory, symbolic, and surviving.
Art is art.

And so, what then is poetry? In all its basic form, what is poetry?
Poetry is the delicate art of language.
A beauty, which flows in words. A painting of letters.
A written artistic representation of the human and everything concerning his condition and existence.
It is one of the gifts of divinity in the hands of us physical mortals.
Poetry is sensory, symbolic, and surviving.
Poetry is an art.